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“When you are a part of the Paradigm clientele, your hair is a direct reflection of our professional skill and artistic ability. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction as a guest, and that you return to us again. It is our guarantee your hair is treated in the most gentle, effective way possible.”

 – Lindsay Reeves and Elizabeth Bush, Paradigm Dry (A Luxury Panama City Beach Salon)

We are Proud to Provide Body Contouring at Paradigm

Arla Caldwell
Certified Body Contourist

Arla is a trained and certified Body Contourist who works with Strawberry Laser Lipo, helping people to look and feel their absolute best. Arla herself has experienced the benefits of Strawberry Laser Lipo, exploring the treatment after a 2013 back injury rendered her unable to exercise without excruciating pain.

Arla began her professional life working in many sectors of healthcare, including 10 years in hospital pharmacy management and administration, which gave her a unique and broad perspective of the clinical and hospital setting, as well as the importance of treating the “whole” patient as opposed to treating only isolated illnesses. During her 14-year career in residential real estate, Arla saw an active lifestyle that frequently involved yoga, horseback riding, and regular gym attendance deteriorate after a long and only semi-successful recovery from Lumbar surgery. As a result, she gained 20lbs and exhausted every method that she could find trying to stay in shape without disrupting her recovery. Unfortunately, just about the time that she began to regain some strength and flexibility, Arla was struck by a cervical injury that resulted in another surgery, and the frustration of the inactivity and consequent weight gain motivated her to find a solution that was compatible with her situation.

Brenda and Julie LaLonde introduced Arla to the Strawberry Laser Lipo system, and she was immediately sold on the results! Now she is offering this ground-breaking inch-loss system in the Florida Panhandle area. It is Arla’s goal to offer others similar hope in achieving their goals and feeling better about their bodies.


Florida Panhandle Strawberry Laser Lipo
is an FDA Approved Medical Device


Supervised by a Licensed Medical Doctor.


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